Victor - Belkin WeMo Switches

For Christmas, one of the gifts that I got was a Belkin WeMo Switch. It was only $30 on sale, and while it had middling reviews (like many of the WiFi-switches), it could be controlled through cURL commands, which made it very easy to hook into Victor. So I set it up, plugged in my light, and spent like 20 minutes trying to set it up with the app, which kept losing the connection. I can't really say it was easy to setup, but it's worked since fine, and it is indeed very easy to programmatically control.

I added in Assistant+ commands for turning the lights on and off, and hooked it up to Victor's C# code. Then I found this great open source control software, ouimeaux, which adds in a command line tool to control all WeMo devices, along with a Python API. I easily installed it on my Windows computer, and properly hooked up the light commands to run the scripts, and we were good to go! I can now turn off and on my lights from the comfort of my bed with my voice. It truly is the future.