Pong Line App

Alright, fantastic 3AM/avoiding essay app idea. It's an easy way of keeping track of line. The basic goal is that it makes it super quick and easy to add people to line for pong and rearrange them.

Each person would have their own personal settings. This would include a picture of them (for easy identification and general aesthetics), their name/nickname (probably easily changeable), their phone # and a setting for public/private, and a secret UID that would identify them.

Here's a quick mock-up of what I'm imagining here: Settings mockup

Next, there would be a bunch of ways to add people to the line. You could add them by name (maybe through Facebook? - this is unlikely bc nicknames), by phone number (manual or Contacts), or by QR code (the main method for simplicity).

An example of what the list would look like is this: Line mockup

You could easily rearrange people if they left, etc, and swiping them would delete them. Now, you'd need to be able to add people, which is where the Add button comes into play. That would bring a popup that would let you choose how you wanted to add the person: Popup mockup

Scan would work like it does with SnapChat with one screen displaying something like this: Scan mockup

The other one would switch to a camera-like app that would quickly scan it and add the corresponding person. Obviously all of these are incredibly rough sketches because I started at 3:15 and it's now 3:40 and I still don't know what I'm writing my paper on.

There's a lot of other functionality that I would want to add in: the ability to ping people to see if they're still there, text updates on changes in line, an ability to pass on a line to someone else through an image scan to make it easy, a way to easily add someone to your contacts once they're scanned in if their number is public, possible integration with Facebook for easy profile drawing, etc.

I'm also not sure of the information (images, names, UID's, lists, etc.) what would be server held, and requested by the app, and what would just be stored by the app. Most likely everything would be server to simplify exchanges of line, etc. I'm also not sure what I should call this. Some shitty ideas come to mind like dLine, but I need to give it an actual think. Functionality trumps a name in this case. I'll start thinking about this again tomorrow after I've gotten some rest, and maybe look at it more objectively.