Kinect for XBox One (v2 SDK)

I recently got my USB adapter for the Kinect in the mail. I set it up, and the USB device wasn't recognized. I downloaded the SDK 2.0 from here and got to work. You have to unplug the Kinect, run the software, and then plug it back in. Now it recognizes as a Kinect (note that I had to use a USB3.0 spot for it).

There are a bunch of included programs that you can run that should be fun to play around with. I'll be using it as Victor's eyes and ears. In addition to the SDK I installed the Microsoft Speech Platform v11 SDK from here, because the Microsoft link wasn't working.

Because I'm (unfortunately) running this off of my Windows computer, playing around with some of this stuff is a LITTLE tricky. I installed Cygwin, and a bunch of non-default tools (vim, gcc, gdb, a couple of others) so that I could at least start working on the speech recognition.