Dartmouth Nutrition API

Back about a year ago, I made a blog post about DartDine, my final project for my Human-Computer Interaction class. It was an idea to remake the Dartmouth nutrition website which at the time (and I think still does) have an absolutely atrocious mobile interface. As part of it, I wanted to properly connect it to the API behind the site. This is that API.

Soon after the class finished, I lost interest in the project, and the task for finishing the API sat on my back burner. Someone else asked me about it during a Hackathon at Dartmouth, but the code that I had wasn't working and was still in a pretty unfinished state. It continued to sit there until today, when I carved out about 30 minutes to go through the full web flow with Fiddler and fix up the inconsistencies with my Node implementation.

I still don't have a use case for it, so I'm not going to full flesh it out into any sort of npm module, which would be the logical finishing point. Instead, I'm just going to leave it in its workable though relatively unpolished state on my GitHub. You can check out the repo, use the code in your own project, or submit a pull request if you have any interest in it being finalized. For now, I'm happy with it though.