Dartmouth Banner Redesign - Part 2 (Specific Breakdown)

Financial Aid Menu
Financial Aid Adjustment Survey Request
There are no currently available surveys.

Dartmouth Scholarship Application
Redirects to https://finaidapp.dartmouth.edu

Status of Required Financial Aid Paperwork for 2015-2016
Simply says no student requirements have been established for the aid year.

Status of Required Financial Aid Paperwork for 2014-2015
Has a text list of the requirements and that they've been received. There is no banner or back button.

Award Letter For 2014-2015
Lists costs, breakdown, etc. Actually useful.

Award Letter for 2013-2014
Not available for me.

Award Letter for 2012-2013
Not available for me.

Award Letter for 2011-2012
Not available for me.

Academic Timetable of Class Meetings
This necessitates more detail. I'll do a separate post on it.

Official Transcript
A bunch of information about the transcripts you can obtain, etc. It also has a button to actually request one, which links to a separate page. This should just link to the other site.

Unofficial Transcript - Web version
Allows you to choose the Transcript Level (Undergraduate or All Levels), and the Transcript Type (Graduate Unofficial, Medical School Unofficial, Thayer Unofficial, Undergraduate Unofficial).

Unofficial Transcript - PDF version
This has a button that requests a PDF transcript auto-sent to your email. This actually might be a problem in terms of obtaining someone else's transcripts. The button is controlled by a hidden form. This includes the email address you want it to be sent to (defaulted to your Dartmouth email), the start and end terms of the transcript, the Dartmouth ID of the person you want it for, and a unique 'pidm' value, which is 7 digits and seemingly random. However, if you have that value, you can get their transcript sent to you without being logged in as them.

Now, if the 'pidm' is truly randomly generated, then this shouldn't be a concern. However, if it's NOT...then this is a pretty big problem. I'll have to look into this later. You can read more about this here.

Course Election and Registration
Pick an available term, and then you are able to add, drop classes. However, there can be no options (during the middle of the term, or between selection and add-drop). To add a class, you have to type in the CRN number.

Non-Recording Option
This allows you to choose a class that will exclude a grade. However, if you've passed the deadline, or haven't reached the new one it's not an available option.

Address/Contact Information
This contains quite a lot of information, mainly contact information for you, your family, and emergency contacts.

Check-In - Summer 2015
You have to click a button to check in at the beginning of every term. If you don't you're fined $50. It's there whether or not you can check in.

This is where it displays all of the citations you have. If you don't have any, this still shows up. Citations are "an appreciation of special efforts and achievements obscured by the grade".

Course Assessment
This displays a link to a course assessment for all classes that are finished (or close to) in the most recent term. It allows you to evaluate the course, and doing it will open up your grades earlier than if you had not completed it.

Course Enrollment Priorities
This page details the priorities for a bunch of classes. It's pretty hard to comprehend, and no one will go to a separate page. It should just be incorporated into the 'Course Assessment' link.

DA$H Card Account
There are four balances that it gives: DDS Charging, Dining DBA, Discretionary, Fees & Fines.

For each one it lists past transactions. You can choose begin dates and end dates, but it will only work with (undefined) formats of dates. There are also three hidden fields, 'v_empid' which is your Dartmouth ID (F00____), 'AcctDesc' which is probably short for account description, and has some arbitrary value (31, 32,40, 41) which corresponds to the account, and 'ppage' which appears to be the page of results (but defaults to 3). Changing the 'ppage' value returns you to the main page.

It checks that the 'v_empid' is equal to the Dartmouth ID you're logged in with, as doing it with any other value will result in the message 'You are not authorized to look at other people's transactions.'

AcctDesc must be one of the four values 31, 32, 40, or 41 (the four balances respectively). I tried all the numbers from 0 to 99 and none of them worked.

This is a possibility for SQL injection. Check back.

Degree Application - Apply for Bachelor of Arts Degree
If you aren't expected to graduate that year then it says that you can't apply for that. I don't know why this even shows up under my list of options.

D-Plan View/Edit
This allows you to modify your D-Plan. However, it doesn't allow you to do certain things (enroll for more than four years, delay sophomore summer, etc.) This form additionally has a hidden value for the 'pidm' that showed up in the request for transcripts before it was changed. However, changing this does nothing (unless its an invalid pidm).

D-Pay - Dartmouth's Electronic Billing and Payment System
Redirects to external bill paying site.

D-Pay Refund Request Form
If you don't have a credit balance to refund, then this link is useless.

Grades by Term
Choose from a dropdown menu for the term to see the grades for that term. Changing the value to an invalid term will say that grades are not available for that term.

Health Services On-Line
This redirects you to a portal for Dick's House.

Holds View
Shows the holds on your record. I have little to no idea what this does. If there's a grade hold, you can't see your grade, if there's a transcript hold you can't see your transcript, etc.

Housing Priority Number Lookup
No matter if you're a student or anything, this page shows nothing. Useless.

Housing - Room Assignment Notice
This will tell you your current room assignment. However, it's only for the current term, so if it's summer it tells you that you have no assigned room, not what you will have when you return.

Housing - Room Inventory and Condition Form
This is the place to complete an inventory form for a room in the first two weeks. If it's not the first two weeks, you can't do anything. DISABLE THESE OPTIONS.

Housing -- Star Portal
This links to the actual housing portal, and will allow you to see housing options in advance along with your priority number.

Religious Preference or Heritage
Allows you to set your religious preference or heritage, and sign up for information from various campus religious groups.

Room Scheduling Links
This allows you to see links for a bunch of the rooms to see if they are free to reserve. This is an okay system, but too big to get into fixing for right now. It's functional, so whatever.

Schedule by Day & Time
This (quite obviously) displays the schedule for the current week, and allows you to toggle weeks. It's displayed pretty badly though, and the information could definitely be compacted.

Schedule Detail
This allows you to select a term and view the classes that you are enrolled in, including information about the CRN, the instructor, where it is (if it's been announced), when it is, etc. It allows you to choose all of the terms up to 1999 however, despite not having information. It even says view only, but allows you to choose it. This is pretty odd.

Thayer Course Program Plan (For Engineering Sciences Majors only)
This is just so incredibly stupid. It tells you that it shouldn't be in the portal if you're not an engineering sciences major. Despite that, it's still there. Clicking on it is just blank.

Who is My Dean?
This page has a picture of your dean, his name, type, office location, and phone number.

1098T - Tuition Statement
Typing in a year will give you a 1098-T form detailing the student's information, scholarships, amounts billed, etc. It also includes a breakdown of payment information. Typing in a year that doesn't have tax notifications will tell you such, and offer you to 'Select Another Tax Year'. Clicking that, however, brings you to a blank error page.

Course Override Report
I'm not sure what this is for. Selecting a term will give you the override information. However, there are repeats of the classes and all of them show up with 'Instructor Permission Override'. This is broken.

DegreeWorks (Degree Audit and Program Planner)
Ah yes, the classic technique of putting the most important link at the bottom out of alphabetical order. Love it. This links to an external page that details a bunch of information, including all of the requirements that you've taken.

Major/Minor Dashboard
This links to a separate page (declare.dartmouth.edu) that proudly tells me that I've declared no major or minors, and submitted no plans! Thank god for that!

Verify Your Enrollment
Finally, the last link (in my version of Banner). This allows you to obtain verification of your current, upcoming, or entire enrollment history. Its free, and can be used for insurance, ski passes, athletic participation, (Spotify discounts), etc.