Venmo Deeplinking

I tried to deeplink into the Venmo app, but couldn't find a lot of public documentation on it. So I cracked the main app, and found all of the deeplinking strings, which are listed below:

  • venmo://authorization
  • venmo://banks_and_cards
  • venmo://banktransfer
  • venmo://cash_out
  • venmo://cashout
  • venmo://extension/login
  • venmo://incomplete
  • venmo://incomplete/payments
  • venmo://incomplete/requests
  • venmo://invite_contacts
  • venmo://notifications
  • venmo://paycharge
  • venmo://stories
  • venmo://terms/messages_feature
  • venmo://terms/user_agreement
  • venmo://users
  • venmo://x-callback-url/didFailToSetHermesCookie
  • venmo://x-callback-url/didSetHermesCookie

Now, you can't see the parameters that they take, but some of them are relatively straightforward. Additionally, they serve as a launching off point for searches on GitHub.

For example, the main one I was looking for was this one:
which I found in a Venmo sample application.

That example will open up a transaction to pay me for $10, with the note "Note". Changing the "txn" to "charge" will change it to a request.


  • John

    Hi! Thanks for this, it's very helpful. Do you know if the PayPal app supports this sort of thing as well? For that matter, have you worked with *any* other payment apps that support this sort of deep linking? Thanks!

  • Alex (Blog Owner)

    SquareCash does not. Not sure about PayPal because it's crashing on my jailbroken device. You can use links like this though:

  • Jeremy Stulls

    What is the deep link scheme for opening a users profile based on their username? I can’t seem to figure it out.