Venmo Deeplinking

I tried to deeplink into the Venmo app, but couldn't find a lot of public documentation on it. So I cracked the main app, and found all of the deeplinking strings, which are listed below:

  • venmo://authorization
  • venmo://banks_and_cards
  • venmo://banktransfer
  • venmo://cash_out
  • venmo://cashout
  • venmo://extension/login
  • venmo://incomplete
  • venmo://incomplete/payments
  • venmo://incomplete/requests
  • venmo://invite_contacts
  • venmo://notifications
  • venmo://paycharge
  • venmo://stories
  • venmo://terms/messages_feature
  • venmo://terms/user_agreement
  • venmo://users
  • venmo://x-callback-url/didFailToSetHermesCookie
  • venmo://x-callback-url/didSetHermesCookie

Now, you can't see the parameters that they take, but some of them are relatively straightforward. Additionally, they serve as a launching off point for searches on GitHub.

For example, the main one I was looking for was this one:
which I found in a Venmo sample application.

That example will open up a transaction to pay me for $10, with the note "Note". Changing the "txn" to "charge" will change it to a request.


  • John

    Hi! Thanks for this, it's very helpful. Do you know if the PayPal app supports this sort of thing as well? For that matter, have you worked with *any* other payment apps that support this sort of deep linking? Thanks!

  • Jeremy Stulls

    What is the deep link scheme for opening a users profile based on their username? I can’t seem to figure it out.

  • jim tim

    has anybody figured Jeremy Stulls' question out?

  • Marco

    Hi Jeremy, I have the same issue, I need a deep link scheme for opening a users profile based on their username. Were you able to find it?

  • Logan

    This was a super helpful post especially the paycharge example. I was wondering if there is any way to find out if there is some kind of redirect parameter that takes you back to the origin after paying. I'm trying to build an implementation similar to the Splitwise app which after paying to venmo returns to Splitwise with the amount paid

  • Project Slice

    Great work! Have you figured out how you could verify that the transaction/payment completed?

  • k dawg

    Can you explain or write a blog post on how you found these?? I'm very interested in that process.

  • Alex (Blog Owner)

    @k dawg, it's covered in the "Facebook Deep Linking Options post" Other questions: no idea, but good luck looking around!

  • Sean

    Thank for this guide. It is very helpful. Is there anyway to know if the transaction was successful? Put another way, is it possible to have a callback from a deep link?

  • Jeremiah Quill

    @sean, any luck verifying a completed transaction?

  • Alan

    To get the mobile app to launch directly to a user profile, the following seems to work: venmo://users/[username] Replace [username] with the person’s username *exactly* as it appears in Venmo with all capital letter s, dashes, etc.

  • Mina

    This is great. Works well for iphone. Anything for android?

  • Brian

    Looks like Venmo just recently broke these links (like, within the last week or so). Good stuff. Thanks for helping developers use your platform, Venmo.