TimerCL - A command line tool for timers on iOS

As many of my posts on this blog reference, my phone is jailbroken. Activator, a popular tweak allows you to link activating events (such as unlocking your phone, entering a wifi network, or pressing a sequence of buttons) to various listeners (such as setting the brightness, adjusting the volume, sending a text, or triggering Siri). However, I couldn't figure out a way of silently creating a timer. So I created TimerCL.

TimerCL is a command line tool that allows you to pause, resume, cancel, and set a timer for whatever number of seconds you want. Presumably because the timer is controlled through TimerManager, which is in a private framework, the command line tool didn't have access to the API. While it could successfully get the default sound and duration, it couldn't get remainingTime or set a timer. To get around this, when you install TimerCL it also installs a tweak into SpringBoard, which does have access to the full TimerManager object, and sets up inter-process communication so that the command line tool can talk to the tweak, which then actually calls the timer functions.

You can look at the source code or you can get it from my repo which was recently revamped.