Pong Line App - Part 1: Definition

The first part of solving a problem is clearly defining it. For the app, I needed to make it clear what the app was going to do, and what it wasn't. This is also an easy way to think up new features. I brainstormed on a sheet of paper until I had a clear idea of what the purpose of the app was.

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I decided on the name 'What's Line', with the question mark in a splash screen (if it ends up needing one). The main problems that the app wanted to address were:

  • It's hard to keep line in multiple frats
  • It's a pain to keep track of line as a brother
  • Line gets rearranged when a brother steps off
  • You don't know where are in line
  • Brothers can't find you
  • What's your win-loss record

Then I came up with the things that we wanted our app to explicitly do:

  • Allow you to add people to a line
    • Scan a QR Code (Snapchat esque)
    • Add from contacts
  • Allow you to rearrange people
  • Allow you to create/delete a line
  • Allow you to delete people from a line
  • Allow you to transfer a line from one phone to another
  • Display what lines you are in, and your place in those lines
  • Notifications on place change (maybe just on next?)