Boingo Exploit

I was recently in Newark International Airport, who is one of the select few airports that I regularly fly through that doesn't have complimentary WiFi. However, they do have Boingo, which offers 30 minute complimentary WiFi access. Through a quick Python script, this is exploitable for unlimited free WiFi.

When the trial ends, open up the cookies for the browser that you were using, and delete every cookie that's related to Boingo (you can easily see these from opening the Web Inspector and checking the cookies/storage tab, depending on your browser). Then, download SpoofMAC using either pip (sudo pip install SpoofMAC) or easy_install (easy_install SpoofMAC). Then all you need to do is temporarily change your MAC address, by running the command sudo randomize wi-fi. This can be done as many times as needed. To reset to your base MAC address, you can either restart your computer, or run the command sudo reset wi-fi.